Make Laundry Day A Little Easier

Very few people enjoy a trip to the laundromat, but it is a necessary part of life for many. One of the biggest complaints beyond how long it takes is how damaging some of the machines can be to clothing. Since washing clothes cannot be avoided, it may as well be made as simple, safe and fast an experience as possible. Here are a list of easy ways to make the laundry day experience better for the clothing and the people washing it.

Never Leave Clothing Unattended

Most professional laundromats, like Indian Village Laundromat, are clean and safe. However, occasionally, clothing can be stolen, thrown out of the machines or just block machines others need to use if people do not time their errands correctly. Plan to stay from start to finish to ensure your laundry is safe. Use this time to catch up on email, write an actual letter or to read a book or newspaper.

Pack a Laundry Day Tote Bag

Avoid buying the coin-dispensed detergents, and instead use the all-in-one pods. They are lightweight and can be tucked into the tote bag along with a few rolls of quarters, snacks like granola bars or crackers and a bottle of water. Include a book, magazine or whatever else you want to use to kill time. Add a package of baby wipes too. Laundromats are not always the cleanest place in town. Baby wipes can be used to wipe out the machines before use, to clean the laundry dispenser of any accumulated gunk and to freshen up the folding table before use.

Use Laundry Bags

Cloth laundry bags are easier to carry clothing in and keep clean clothes drier and cleaner than an open basket, particularly in bad weather. They can even be washed along with the laundry, so they are always free of stains and odors. Buy one in white and one colored and sort laundry accordingly to eliminate the sorting time at the laundromat.

Avoid Overloading Machines

People often stuff too much into each load to save time and money. Unfortunately, it is accomplishing neither. Putting too much clothing in a washer prevents the clothes from washing or rinsing properly. In the dryer it could lead to clothes not tumbling properly, leaving some items against the surface of the machine too long. This could result in the outer clothes becomes scorched while the interior ones stay damp.

Check All Settings

Make certain the settings are correct for each load, especially with the dryer. Never dry clothing on high heat in a commercial dryer. These machines get much warmer than residential appliances, and even dryer-safe clothing can shrink under that type of heat.

Avoid Paying Too Much

It is much easier to monitor the dryers when choosing to stay the entire time. Instead of putting in enough quarters to last an hour and running errands, put in one at a time and check after each runs out. This will take extra time on the first trip, but it could save a lot of time (and quarters) in the future.

There will probably never come a day where laundry day is looked at with excitement and anticipation. That is true for when it is done at a laundromat or at home. However, getting in and out without any hassles and having all clothing clean and undamaged is a happy achievement anyways.