Tips For Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

If you need to go to a fancy gathering, an important business meeting, or some other event that would result in you needing to dress nicely, you are going to need to get a pair of fashionable men's shoes to match the sharpness of the rest of your outfit. However, purchasing men's dress shoes might feel like foreign territory because you likely have not done it very often. Thankfully, if you purchase a good pair of men's dress shoes, they will last for years. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Stay Away From Shiny Leather

Your first step is to make sure that the shoes that you purchase are not made out of shiny leather. Cheaper men's dress shoes will be made out of this material and are more likely to wrinkle over time. This means that you're either going to have to stuff your shoes when you're not wearing them to keep them looking fantastic, or you are going to have to buy a new pair every time you don't wear them for awhile in order to make sure that you're not wearing wrinkled shoes. Shoes made out of shiny leather often wrinkle even if they are polished regularly.

Conversely, you could simply stay away from the cheaper, shiny leather and get a duller yet still impressing leather that will hold its shape when it is polished.

2. Stay Moderate With Your Toes

When you are choosing a toe style for your dress shoes, stay moderate. You want the focus to be on your immaculate suit or amazing tie, not your dress shoes. Choose a toe that is not extremely pointed or extremely round. Try to instead choose a boxy toe that will allow your toes to spread out and breathe if you often find yourself uncomfortable when wearing dress shoes for a long period of time.

3. Have Your Shoes Match Your Suit Style

If you are likely to wear a suit that is slim-fit or skinny-fit, you don't want to choose a pair of dress shoes that are large and boxy. You want to fit something that fits close to the foot so that it matches the suit style. If you wear suits that fit more loosely, then consider purchasing shoes that are larger as well.

By taking the time to purchase shoes that are made out of a good, non-shiny leather, that are not extreme with regards to the toe, and that match the style of your suit, you can guarantee that you are going to look sharp. Talk to your local shoe seller for more information about the latest fashions in shoe styles.