Three Good Reasons For Placing Real Wooden Sunglasses In Your Survivalist Kit

If you have an emergency survival kit or you just have a survivalist tote that you stock in case the end of the world arrives, you may want to include real wooden sunglasses in your kit. These shades have frames made from real wood. Some of these sunglasses are colored by the natural wood color found in certain types of trees, like cherry or walnut. You could buy the wooden sunglasses painted, but for a survivalist kit you will want the au naturel versions. Here are three reasons why wooden sunglasses from a company like Woodroze should be part of your survivalist kit.

The Shaded Lenses Double as Solar Heat Deflectors/Brush Igniters

You may never have thought of sunglasses as much more than protective eyewear, but while the sunglasses are busy deflecting heat and light away from your eyes, where do you think those light rays and heat go? Now take those lenses on a survivalist journey, and place them at just the right angle to the sun while focusing down at dry brush. Sure, it may take all day, but when you have a warm fire by sunset, you will be thanking your lucky stars that the shades of your sunglasses doubled as brush igniters.

The Natural Wooden Frames Double as Kindling

Yes, your wooden sunglasses were probably quite pricey. However, in a survivalist situation, heat and hot food take precedence over most everything else. If you have wooden sunglasses and you are stuck in a place devoid of sticks, twigs and dry brush, your wooden sunglass frames double as kindling. Use them as a last resort, and you may be able to keep and wear them a lot longer before you have to use them this way.

Buying, Wearing and Using Your Wooden Shades Could Halt the End the World

Well, that may be a slightly over-dramatic statement, but some of the wooden sunglasses that you can buy are actually made from recycled skateboards and other worn-out, wooden products. If you are trying to prevent the end of the Earth on one hand with green practices and recycling whilst preparing for the end of the world on the other hand, then buying these sunglasses accomplishes both tasks. You are helping to "reuse, reduce and recycle" to save the planet, but your wooden shades may also save you if something else catastrophic, apocalyptic and/or unpreventable occurs (e.g., a nuclear holocaust, major natural disaster, etc.).