Parent Proposal: The Perfect Outfit For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

Meeting one another's parents is a step that means that you are serious about one another. If you are interested in going the distance with your significant other, getting in good with their parents can be the key to making things work long term. If you are meeting your significant other's parents and you don't know much about them, it can be best to go more formal than not. Here is a perfect outfit for any body type to be the girl that the parents will always speak of highly. 

Flats or wedges

Depending on the season, you should wear flats or short wedges to meet your significant other's parents. These types of shoes pair well with dressy outfits and these make sure that you can walk a long distance without an embarrassing fall or without feeling any pain. If your significant other's parents invite you to a second location or on a walk, you want to be able to say yes to get to know them a little bit more. Dressy flats or short wedges make walking and lengthening your stay with the parents possible. 

Black tuxedo jacket

Nothing can quite pull together an outfit like a black tuxedo jacket. Your jacket should sit waist length or slightly below. Be sure to have a button or set of buttons on the tuxedo so that you are able to make it more dressy or casual. A tuxedo jacket works on any sort of torso or upper body composition, so you will always look good. If you want to be a little fancy, get a tuxedo jacket that is made in a satin, which you can also pull out for more dressy events once the parents begin to invite you over.  

A plain white top

Most women will have a plain white top already inside of their wardrobe; therefore, this won't require much looking around. The shirt should be a top that can match well with a dressy casual outfit. Be sure that the top is long enough to be tucked in and has short sleeves or has tank sleeves. This will allow you to wear the shirt alone if you choose to take off your jacket during the course of the meeting. 

Black skinny jeans with a belt 

It is common to wiggle around when you are a little anxious, especially in front of parents. Get the right jeans to do this in by choosing black skinny jeans. These jeans should allow you to bend, sit, move, and walk easily so that this is not another thing that will cause you anxiety. Plain black skinny jeans with a silver or gold belt will bring your whole ensemble together.