Nipping at Your Clothes: 3 Winter Must-Haves for the Warm-Weather Transplant

Warmer climates that are traditionally more mild in their winters can be lovely places to live—but if you've moved within the last year to a place where the winters are more wild than warm, you're most likely going to be unprepared as the cold season starts to come in. So if you're wondering which winter accessories are imperative to grab before the first snowfall hits, then here's what you need to know.

Good Gloves

It doesn't matter whether you prefer finger gloves, mittens, or full-on snow protection—all that matters is that you own a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm. Not only do your hands get colder faster than most of the rest of your body (as your body heats its core before its extremities), but cold exposure can also damage your fingers before it can make it past your shoes, socks, and coat, as they're the most exposed part of your body. Gloves can also be customized to your specific winter needs. If you find gloves cumbersome or irritating to deal with because of your phone, for example, look into a pair that have specific squares of fabric on the thumb and pointer that allow you to manipulate a touch screen without exposing your fingers to the bitter cold.

Head Protection

Though your fingers are at most risk of cold damage, most of the heat in your body escapes through your head and feet. Since it's unlikely you'd go outside without shoes on, the heat escape you have to worry about is going to come from up top. Here, again, your choices are many, depending on your lifestyle. Baseball caps, woolen headbands that cover your ears, soft hats that cover your forehead—all are acceptable options that will prevent you from losing that much-needed heat. If you're worried about your hair, earmuffs will offer you a little protection while still keeping your style picture perfect.

Functional Scarf

Scarves have enjoyed a fashion heyday with the advance of the hipster fashion movement into everyday wear—and it's this small piece of fabric that can be the difference between a chill and being warm and toasty. For those days that are chilly but not enough to require the full stay-puft winter coat, a scarf is a good way to protect the exposed skin of your neck and chest (and, if the scarf is long enough, the lower half of your face as well). While scarves made of silk or chunky knitted scarves may be fashionable, it's best to go with a more traditional model, as they're made for warmth as well as fashion.

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