Moving From Tropical Weather To An Area With Harsh Winters? How To Prepare

If you are moving from a warm tropical climate to an area where there are harsh cold winters, there are some important things you need to have and know. You need to do more than buy a warm coat, and you want to help your body adjust to the changes that you're going to go through in your new climate.

The temperature and weather changes can affect your body, and you want to be able to adjust smoothly. Consider getting or looking into the following things before you move.

High Quality Footwear

You want to be prepared for the cold weather and wet climate by having high quality footwear. Your feet have to stay warm and dry if you want to be comfortable while you're running errands or if you have to spend an elongated time outside. Make sure you're prepared by having some boots or even reliable casual shoes to fend of the moisture and the cold.


The transition from hot and humid air to cold and dry hair can cause a lot of respiratory problems for people. It can also cause dry skin, allergy irritation, cracked furniture, and more. Make sure that you have a humidifier set up in the area where you live if there isn't a humidifier attached to the furnace, and have a humidistat reading the levels of the humidity in the living space.

Vitamin D

If you are usually out in the sun because you like the warm weather, but you aren't going to be in the sun as much when the cold weather hits, your body could lose a lot of vitamin D. If you aren't getting enough vitamin D because of the changes you're enduring, than you want to try incorporating a supplement or more natural foods that contain it into your diet.

These are just a few of many different ways that you can prepare for your new transition and to keep yourself healthy and dry when you move. There are a lot of changes you'll have to adjust to, like snow, ice, delays, and foods that are only available when in season, but there are many great things that you can experience when you live in a climate that has several seasons and a variation of weather patterns. Talk with a medical professional if you're worried about living in an area where the weather may be cold and how it will affect your health.