What Are The Best Options For Scrotal Swelling Support?

If you have an injury that causes scrotal swelling or a medical condition that causes scrotal inflammation, even just wearing regular clothing as a man can be a challenge. This is one of the most sensitive areas of your body, so when there is swelling or inflammation, the slightest friction or pressure can really leave you almost incapacitated. Therefore, finding a way to support the area is incredibly important, but it can sometimes be difficult to find regular clothing articles that work. Here is a look at some of the better options for scrotal swelling support. 

Suspensory Jock Supports

Suspensory jock supports are like a regular undergarment that tightly holds the scrotum in place but has an elasticized hole in the front so everything is not completely compressed the same as the scrotum. Jock supports are comparable to underwear because they have an elastic band that goes around the waist. These jock supports are made a lot like a jock strap, but the padded area for housing the scrotum is thicker and has the ability to provide that additional support that is needed to prevent discomfort. These supports can really help men who have issues with their inflamed scrotum being in the way of leg movement because the support compresses and lifts to prevent drooping and sagging. Look into options from companies like QNS Scrotal Support.

Compression Bandaging

One of the most basic ways to help scrotal swelling is with compression bandaging. This form of support does not involve any special clothing articles or slings, so it is often recommended by physicians because it is an accessible option for most patients. Compression bandaging involves securing a bandage around the scrotum so that it is tight enough to keep the area compressed. If you do try compression bandaging, make sure you talk to your physician first, as some forms of swelling should not be compressed because the issue can be exacerbated by the additional pressure. 

Scrotal Sling Supports 

In more severe cases, scrotal sling supports may be recommended to properly lift the testicle sac up and away from the legs and keep the scrotum compressed to prevent further pain and irritation. Scrotal sling supports have a strap that stretches up around the neck from the genital area, as well as a strap that goes around the waist for additional support. The sling support is typically adjustable with velcro straps so that every wearer can achieve as comfortable of a fit as possible.