Head To The Army Surplus Store For Your Christmas Shopping

Are you making your Christmas shopping list right now? If so, you might have already even been thinking that you'll shop before Thanksgiving Day, as you have probably visualized how busy the stores will be after Thanksgiving, and maybe even on Thanksgiving Day itself. Whether it's before Thanksgiving Day or after it is over, have you considered shopping at a military surplus store, also often called an Army surplus store? If you've been inside this type of store in the past, you already know that you can buy a tremendous variety of things you can give for Christmas gifts. If you have never been inside an Army surplus store, prepare to be amazed at the different things you'll find. From selecting great flashlights to use as stocking stuffers to buying camping equipment, here are some ideas that might help you in your shopping.

Smaller Gifts

You can even find small gifts at an Army surplus store. For example, besides small flashlights being great stocking stuffers, larger flashlights would be a very nice gift, too. You will more than likely even find the batteries you need for whichever flashlights you select right at the Army surplus store. Other great stocking stuffers you might find at an Army surplus store would include things like granola bars, metal cups, and even inexpensive flatware that is perfect to use when you go camping. You'll more than likely also find things like compasses and pocketknives that make great gifts, not just as stocking stuffers, but for a main gift. 

Larger Gifts

Does somebody you are shopping for have a love of camping? For example, does one of your married children enjoy camping with his or her family? If so, consider buying camping equipment at the Army surplus store. Even if that family already owns a tent, wouldn't it be great to supply them with a larger one that can serve as a second place to sleep or that can serve as a storage tent and an eating place? An Army surplus store will more than likely have other camping equipment, too. For example, if you are wanting to give your kids or grandkids great sleeping bags, you'll find an assortment right at the Army surplus store. What about fishing gear? Are you looking for a great ice chest of for camp chars? Yes, they will more than likely be available at the Army surplus store, too.