What’s In YOUR Swimsuit? UV Sun Protection And How It’s Done

When somebody asks you what is in your swimsuit, you might not be so inclined to tell them. However, if the question is more about what your suit is made of rather than your anatomy, it is a valid question worth answering, especially if you have a suit with built-in UV sun protection. Clothing that protects you from UV rays has become very popular, and here is how that protection is added to everything from hats to socks. Read More 

Nipping at Your Clothes: 3 Winter Must-Haves for the Warm-Weather Transplant

Warmer climates that are traditionally more mild in their winters can be lovely places to liveā€”but if you've moved within the last year to a place where the winters are more wild than warm, you're most likely going to be unprepared as the cold season starts to come in. So if you're wondering which winter accessories are imperative to grab before the first snowfall hits, then here's what you need to know. Read More 

Take the Stress Out of Buying a New Dress: 3 Tips to Help You Dress to Your Body Type

If the idea of shopping for a new dress sends you into panic mode, you're not alone. Trying to find the perfect dress can be almost as stressful as trying to find the perfect swimsuit. Don't panic. If you're avoiding the boutique because you don't want to spend hours trying on dresses that aren't going to look good on you, slow down. The problem might be that you don't know your body type. Read More 

Should You Use Helmet Speakers?

Riding a motorcycle, especially on a long road trip, can be fun overall but monotonous at times. Adding speakers to your helmet so that you can listen to music can be a good idea in some situations, but it does have its problems as well. Whether or not you should use helmet speakers should be based on how you react to this extra stimuli when trying to focus on the road, as well as your willingness to stay open to what's going on around you. Read More 

Parent Proposal: The Perfect Outfit For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

Meeting one another's parents is a step that means that you are serious about one another. If you are interested in going the distance with your significant other, getting in good with their parents can be the key to making things work long term. If you are meeting your significant other's parents and you don't know much about them, it can be best to go more formal than not. Here is a perfect outfit for any body type to be the girl that the parents will always speak of highly. Read More