How Custom Shirts Help Boost Your Presence At Your Craft Fair Booth

Making crafts for a living can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort to get your name out there, whether you have an online boutique, sell your items on consignment at a store, or you do craft fairs to help sell your products. If craft fairs are your ticket to making sales, then you want to make your presence known among the other booth tenders. After all, the more customers you can get to stop by your booth, the more sales and exposure you can have. Read More 

Make Laundry Day A Little Easier

Very few people enjoy a trip to the laundromat, but it is a necessary part of life for many. One of the biggest complaints beyond how long it takes is how damaging some of the machines can be to clothing. Since washing clothes cannot be avoided, it may as well be made as simple, safe and fast an experience as possible. Here are a list of easy ways to make the laundry day experience better for the clothing and the people washing it. Read More 

Screen Printed T-Shirts: 4 Helpful Design Tips For DIYers

Custom screen printed t-shirts are ideal for many occasions. Birthday parties, corporate events, charity events, and even businesses can all benefit from custom printed t-shirts. If you are interested in creating a t-shirt for yourself or your business, use these four design tips to ensure your end result is exactly what you want: 1. Know Your Market When considering design, keep your target market in mind. The artwork and style of shirt should match the demographic you are after. Read More 

Three Keys To Buying The Best Work Boots

If you are going to be on your feet and working for 40 hours or more, it is vitally important that you choose the best footwear possible to keep you comfortable and protect your health. There are plenty of outlets that can sell you work boots and other clothing and accessories whenever possible, but you need to understand the criteria for finding the quality work apparel that you need. With this in mind, use these guidelines for getting a high quality set of work boots that you'll be able to use. Read More 

4 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Plus Size, Discounted Scrubs Online For Women

As a plus-sized woman in the United States, you are not alone. Recent statistics have established that almost two out of three women American women are overweight, and the average woman wears a size 14. Unfortunately, that can make choosing affordable scrubs online challenging, since you may lack the opportunity to try them on before your purchase. The good news is that knowing the right questions to ask will make the process easier. Read More