Tips For Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

If you need to go to a fancy gathering, an important business meeting, or some other event that would result in you needing to dress nicely, you are going to need to get a pair of fashionable men’s shoes to match the sharpness of the rest of your outfit. However, purchasing men’s dress shoes might feel like foreign territory because you likely have not done it very often. Thankfully, if you purchase a good pair of men’s dress shoes, they will last for years. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Stay Away From Shiny Leather

Your first step is to make sure that the shoes that you purchase are not made out of shiny leather. Cheaper men’s dress shoes will be made out of this material and are more likely to wrinkle over time. This means that you’re either going to have to stuff your shoes when you’re not wearing them to keep them looking fantastic, or you are going to have to buy a new pair every time you don’t wear them for awhile in order to make sure that you’re not wearing wrinkled shoes. Shoes made out of shiny leather often wrinkle even if they are polished regularly.

Conversely, you could simply stay away from the cheaper, shiny leather and get a duller yet still impressing leather that will hold its shape when it is polished.

2. Stay Moderate With Your Toes

When you are choosing a toe style for your dress shoes, stay moderate. You want the focus to be on your immaculate suit or amazing tie, not your dress shoes. Choose a toe that is not extremely pointed or extremely round. Try to instead choose a boxy toe that will allow your toes to spread out and breathe if you often find yourself uncomfortable when wearing dress shoes for a long period of time.

3. Have Your Shoes Match Your Suit Style

If you are likely to wear a suit that is slim-fit or skinny-fit, you don’t want to choose a pair of dress shoes that are large and boxy. You want to fit something that fits close to the foot so that it matches the suit style. If you wear suits that fit more loosely, then consider purchasing shoes that are larger as well.

By taking the time to purchase shoes that are made out of a good, non-shiny leather, that are not extreme with regards to the toe, and that match the style of your suit, you can guarantee that you are going to look sharp. Talk to your local shoe seller for more information about the latest fashions in shoe styles.

Dealing With Pregnancy And Breast Changes? Get The Bras You’ll Need

Are you expecting a child and your breasts are growing by the day? If this is the case, it’s important to have a supportive bra while your body is going through these changes.  Since you are only going to be pregnant for a set duration of months and your breasts could continue to grow, you want to find supportive, cheap big bras.

You can find cheap bras that are perfect for your pregnancy and post pregnancy breasts that are changing, and bras that are also cute to wear. Here are a few things to consider.

Adjustable Straps

The last thing you want is sore shoulders when you’re trying to adjust to your pregnant stomach and body. Make sure that you purchase a bra that has adjustable straps, so you can loosen the straps as needed, or get tighter support if it’s required. This can also prevent back pain, headaches and soreness.

Expandable Back Hooks

It’s important that you can expand the back strap around the bra so you don’t cut off your circulation and circulation to the baby. There are also other health problems that can occur when your bra is too tight and oxygen can’t pass through the body, like the development of some cancers.

Soft Fabrics

The skin during pregnancy can become incredibly sensitive, especially around the breasts. It may be best to stick with cotton, silk and satin materials, instead of others like lace that can be itchy. You want to be comfortable, especially after the baby comes and your nipples are sore from breast feeding.

Be Prepared

When you are purchasing bras as your breasts are growing throughout gestation, you have to take engorgement and size potential into consideration when the milk will come in. You should buy a bra a size larger to prepare for when this happens, so you’ll have a bra that you can wear after the milk comes in. As you start to wean from breastfeeding you can go back to the smaller bras you wore before.

There are special nursing bras that you can wear when you are breast feeding, but there may be times when you want to wear a normal bra, so it’s best to buy bras in a variety of colors and sizes. Ordering the bras online is easy, and they can be delivered to your door quickly to help you deal with your fluctuating and tender breasts. Talk to a company like Zenbah to learn more.

Tips For Opening A Unique Women’s Boutique

If you are thinking about opening a women’s boutique, considering the best ways to make it unusual and different from other women’s shops in your area is important for getting the most business. While clothing is usually the largest part of the inventory found in a women’s boutique, adding a few other productss will have your customers coming back time and time again.

A Corner Just For Accessories

Planning ahead for your shop is a good idea, especially if you want to add special shopping opportunities. Drawing out a floor plan is a good way to keep in mind those areas you need for providing special products like accessories. Adding a counter for selling items like belts, scarves, hair bands, scrunchies, and socks is a good idea and in many cases, customers will buy more accessories when they are completely separate from garments.

Don’t Forget The Jewelry Counter

A counter for displaying jewelry is a great way to attract the customers visiting your shop to purchase clothing. Jewelry stands work great for catching the eye of interested customers as well. Remember when you are ordering clothing inventory, be sure to choose fashion jewelry to match every garment. In this way, your customers will not have a hard time finding the perfect bracelet or earrings and will be more likely to make a jewelry purchase.

Cosmetics Fit The Bill

Adding a line of cosmetics to your clothing shop is another way to add convenience for your customers, making it easy for them to find everything they need for an evening out in one place.

Going All Out With A Hair Styling Salon

If you could buy your clothing, all the accessories you need for each outfit, the cosmetics you need, and have your hair done in one place, wouldn’t you rather go there instead of visiting several shops for getting the same items and services? Many of your customers would rather have that kind of shopping venue available to them. If you have room and have the funds for adding it, a small hair styling salon would be a great addition and would likely attract many loyal customers.

Opening your own women’s boutique can be exciting and a lot of fun. By offering your customers a balanced shopping experience, you can enjoy it even more as your profits grow greater. For more ideas, visit trendy women’s boutiques such as Velvet Bungalow.

How Custom Shirts Help Boost Your Presence At Your Craft Fair Booth

Making crafts for a living can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort to get your name out there, whether you have an online boutique, sell your items on consignment at a store, or you do craft fairs to help sell your products. If craft fairs are your ticket to making sales, then you want to make your presence known among the other booth tenders. After all, the more customers you can get to stop by your booth, the more sales and exposure you can have. A simple but highly effective way to make your presence known at your booth is to wear a custom shirt, made in America, that broadcasts your name and what crafts you do for a living. Here are ways that custom shirts help boost your exposure and presence when you do craft fairs.

Customers know who you are

With so many people milling around your booth, it can be difficult for your customers to know if you are the owner of your booth or if you are another customer shopping. A custom shirt that has your name, your company name, and a small list of the crafts you make (candles, embroidery, woodwork, etc) can help your customers tell who you are from the other patrons of your booth. This exposure makes you easy to approach when customers have questions about your items.

Customers can take you seriously

Many people think that people who sell crafts at fairs and flea markets are sharing their wares as a simple hobby. Your custom shirt tells your customers that you are serious about what you do and promote your crafts in a professional manner. Your custom shirt can make your booth (which is likely already displaying your company name as well) appear more like a store that they can privately shop, which can translate your goods from being something you create in your downtime to quality items you take pride in. After all, when you go to a traditional brick and mortar store, the company name is displayed on the front of the building and also on the uniforms of many employees.

You can promote yourself to non-customers

At most craft fairs your exposure is limited to the people who actually stop by your booth. When you are wearing a custom shirt, however, when you take a break to go outside to grab more supplies or go down to the food area to grab a snack, people can see your company name even though you aren’t at your booth. Whether you know it or not, you are a walking, breathing billboard for your company when you wear a custom shirt that explains who you are and what you do. This means people who don’t stop by your booth can still tell their friends or other potential customers about you, even if they don’t personally check out your wares.

There are many ways a custom shirt with quality American-made materials can benefit you at a craft fair. You differentiate yourself from other customers, promote your business in a professional manner, and even let non-customers know about your company. A custom shirt is a great way to help boost your presence at a craft fair in positive ways.

To learn more, visit a website like

Make Laundry Day A Little Easier

Very few people enjoy a trip to the laundromat, but it is a necessary part of life for many. One of the biggest complaints beyond how long it takes is how damaging some of the machines can be to clothing. Since washing clothes cannot be avoided, it may as well be made as simple, safe and fast an experience as possible. Here are a list of easy ways to make the laundry day experience better for the clothing and the people washing it.

Never Leave Clothing Unattended

Most professional laundromats, like Indian Village Laundromat, are clean and safe. However, occasionally, clothing can be stolen, thrown out of the machines or just block machines others need to use if people do not time their errands correctly. Plan to stay from start to finish to ensure your laundry is safe. Use this time to catch up on email, write an actual letter or to read a book or newspaper.

Pack a Laundry Day Tote Bag

Avoid buying the coin-dispensed detergents, and instead use the all-in-one pods. They are lightweight and can be tucked into the tote bag along with a few rolls of quarters, snacks like granola bars or crackers and a bottle of water. Include a book, magazine or whatever else you want to use to kill time. Add a package of baby wipes too. Laundromats are not always the cleanest place in town. Baby wipes can be used to wipe out the machines before use, to clean the laundry dispenser of any accumulated gunk and to freshen up the folding table before use.

Use Laundry Bags

Cloth laundry bags are easier to carry clothing in and keep clean clothes drier and cleaner than an open basket, particularly in bad weather. They can even be washed along with the laundry, so they are always free of stains and odors. Buy one in white and one colored and sort laundry accordingly to eliminate the sorting time at the laundromat.

Avoid Overloading Machines

People often stuff too much into each load to save time and money. Unfortunately, it is accomplishing neither. Putting too much clothing in a washer prevents the clothes from washing or rinsing properly. In the dryer it could lead to clothes not tumbling properly, leaving some items against the surface of the machine too long. This could result in the outer clothes becomes scorched while the interior ones stay damp.

Check All Settings

Make certain the settings are correct for each load, especially with the dryer. Never dry clothing on high heat in a commercial dryer. These machines get much warmer than residential appliances, and even dryer-safe clothing can shrink under that type of heat.

Avoid Paying Too Much

It is much easier to monitor the dryers when choosing to stay the entire time. Instead of putting in enough quarters to last an hour and running errands, put in one at a time and check after each runs out. This will take extra time on the first trip, but it could save a lot of time (and quarters) in the future.

There will probably never come a day where laundry day is looked at with excitement and anticipation. That is true for when it is done at a laundromat or at home. However, getting in and out without any hassles and having all clothing clean and undamaged is a happy achievement anyways.

Screen Printed T-Shirts: 4 Helpful Design Tips For DIYers

Custom screen printed t-shirts are ideal for many occasions. Birthday parties, corporate events, charity events, and even businesses can all benefit from custom printed t-shirts. If you are interested in creating a t-shirt for yourself or your business, use these four design tips to ensure your end result is exactly what you want:

1. Know Your Market

When considering design, keep your target market in mind. The artwork and style of shirt should match the demographic you are after. For example, if you are targeting women you should for shirts with girlie colors or neutral tones. For women, you might also want to consider making the shirt more fitted or perhaps with a v-neck. Whatever demographic you are targeting, make sure the t-shirt fits that theme.

2. Have a Color Scheme

Although this tip might seem like a no-brainer, it is pretty easy to dismiss. However, having a color scheme is important. After all, you want all the designs on your shirt to mesh together. For example, you don’t want your design to blend into the shirt. So you want to choose colors that compliment each other. As a rule of thumb, always opt for neutral colored t-shirts if you aren’t sure about what colors you want to use.

3. Use Actual Size Artwork

Unless you have a long-term relationship with your screen printer, you should make sure that the artwork is the actual size you want it to be. What might looks good to the printer, might not look good to you. Without advance warning, you may wind up with a design that is too small or too large. So always send your artwork off at the size you desire. To be extra safe, consider leaving a note that the artwork you are sending off is at its final size.

4. Save Money

If you are on a budget, don’t worry. You can save money on your t-shirts in various ways. You could opt for white t-shirts to save money. They’re generally cheaper because they are not dyed and they are easy to print on. You could also order your shirts in bulk. You could also limit your design colors to just one, two, or even three.

Using these tips, along with a professional screen printer, you can easily have the t-shirts you desire. If you don’t feel like designing the shirt yourself, you can always hire a professional (such as one from Absolute Screen Printing) to do it for you. 

Three Keys To Buying The Best Work Boots

If you are going to be on your feet and working for 40 hours or more, it is vitally important that you choose the best footwear possible to keep you comfortable and protect your health. There are plenty of outlets that can sell you work boots and other clothing and accessories whenever possible, but you need to understand the criteria for finding the quality work apparel that you need. With this in mind, use these guidelines for getting a high quality set of work boots that you’ll be able to use. 

Know The Important Points Of Comfort

To be sure that your work boots are providing you with the utmost in comfort, you will need to focus on four points; weight, cushion, fit and waterproofing. The weight will be necessary so that you are balanced and able to move freely, without any disproportionate steps. The cushion, particularly in your insole and midsole, will allow you to soften the impact with each and every step that you take. In terms of the fit, you will need to be sure that the boot can comfortably accommodate the length, width and shape of your feet and toes. You should also make sure that your work boots are water proof, in order to deal with the elements and the amount of moisture that the materials endure. 

Purchase For Specific Work Place Safety

Each work place has its own set of safety factors to contend with, so you need boots that will hold up. In recent years, a whopping total of approximately 3 million injuries took place in these environments. You can help to avoid unnecessary injuries by taking protective measures with your boots. Things like rubber sole grip, steel toe and tough material will help you to avoid specific injuries that are prevalent in the environment that you work within. 

Measure Your Feet Properly

In order to get the best fit for your work boots, make sure that you are taking the necessary steps to measure them. You can do this by setting your foot on a blank sheet of paper, creating measuring lines and then measuring in inches. For example, a man who has a food that is 10 and 3/4 inches would wear a 10-and-a-half shoe, while a woman with a 9 and 1/4 inch foot would wear a size 7 in women’s. This measurement will give you the most accuracy when shoe shopping. 

Keep these tips in mind so that you can get the comfortable, safe work boots that you need from a retailer like

4 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Plus Size, Discounted Scrubs Online For Women

As a plus-sized woman in the United States, you are not alone. Recent statistics have established that almost two out of three women American women are overweight, and the average woman wears a size 14. Unfortunately, that can make choosing affordable scrubs online challenging, since you may lack the opportunity to try them on before your purchase. The good news is that knowing the right questions to ask will make the process easier.

Do You Have To Adhere To Employer Mandates For Your New Scrubs?

Assuming that your employer does not have requirements as to the materials your scrubs are made of and that they do not provide the scrubs for you to wear, choosing the material that your new scrubs will be made of is a significant decision. In this instance, your job duties, personal preferences and the purpose for wearing them will play a huge role in determining the answer.

Should You Buy 100% Cotton Scrubs?

Scrubs made of 100% cotton are often popular because they are generally softer than their polyester or polyester/cotton blend counterparts. In addition, many wearers have reported that they sweat less in cotton scrubs, which is a particularly important factor for many plus-sized women.

The problem is that scrubs made exclusively of cotton frequently wrinkle more and do not always stretch easily to fit your body type. In addition, cotton will often shrink slightly after being washed and dried. Scrubs made of pure cotton are usually more expensive than scrubs made of other materials.

If you are using the scrubs as pajamas or lounge wear at home, the likelihood of wrinkled scrubs or a snug fit may not matter. If you will be wearing them as your professional uniform, it is a good idea to consider the alternatives.

What About Polyester Scrubs?

As previously mentioned, polyester scrubs have the unfortunate side effect of making some wearers sweat more. If you have sensitive skin, you should also be aware that polyester is known to irritate some wearers. If you plan to iron or dry your scrubs in a dryer, it is important to note that polyester burns quickly, so drying them in a gentle cycle or ironing using the settings for delicate items will be helpful.

The benefits of polyester are plentiful. For example, they wrinkle less, so you may never actually need to iron them, and they dry quickly. They are resistant to stains, so they look better, longer. Polyester is a fabric that stretches well, so if you are a plus-sized woman who would like to hide problem areas, scrubs made of polyester are often more flattering.

Is A Cotton/Polyester Blend The Better Choice?

Cotton/Polyester blends often provide the best attributes of both fabrics. For example, you can expect your new scrubs to be able to stretch well, so they will be comfortable, and the presence of polyester makes your scrubs more affordable than scrubs made exclusively of cotton.

The downside of this type of blend is that the presence of polyester means that your uniform will have less absorbency than scrubs made of pure cotton do. In addition, the use of cotton detracts from the resistance to stains that polyester is known for.