Take the Stress Out of Buying a New Dress: 3 Tips to Help You Dress to Your Body Type

If the idea of shopping for a new dress sends you into panic mode, you’re not alone. Trying to find the perfect dress can be almost as stressful as trying to find the perfect swimsuit. Don’t panic. If you’re avoiding the boutique because you don’t want to spend hours trying on dresses that aren’t going to look good on you, slow down. The problem might be that you don’t know your body type. Knowing what your body type is can help you avoid the dresses that won’t accentuate your natural beauty. Before you head out to buy a new dress, take a look at the tips provided here. These tips will help you choose a dress that will show off your assets.

The Pear Shape

If you have a pear-shaped body, you have full hips and thighs, which means you probably wear different sizes for your tops and bottoms. If you do, you want to pick a dress that accentuates the rest of your body while slimming down your hips and thighs. To do that, you will want to avoid dresses with a full skirt. Instead, choose an A-line dress that falls an inch or two above your knees. When choosing a two-piece dress ensemble, be sure to wear bright, bold colors on top and stick to darker colors for the bottom half. This will even out your proportions.

The Apple Shape

If you’re shaped more like an apple—fuller around the middle—you’ll want to choose a dress that gives you the appearance of added height. This will stretch out the appearance of your body and draw attention away from your midsection. To choose the best dress for your body type, go with a drop or empire waist. It’s also a good idea to avoid cinched or belted waistlines. If you’re going with a two-piece dress ensemble, choose a top that is flowing and a streamlined skirt.

The Hour-Glass Shape

If you’ve got an hour-glass shape, your proportions are evenly distributed top-to-bottom. You have a curvy top and bottom with a smaller midsection. To accentuate your body, try choosing a wrap dress. This style of dress will accentuate your waist and hug the rest of your body. If you’re going with a two-piece ensemble, try pairing a pencil skirt with a form-fitting jacket.

Don’t let the thought of a dress shop send you into a panic. Head to a boutique such as Foxy Lady Siesta Key and use the tips provided here to help you choose a dress or ensemble that will accentuate your body type. 

Should You Use Helmet Speakers?

Riding a motorcycle, especially on a long road trip, can be fun overall but monotonous at times. Adding speakers to your helmet so that you can listen to music can be a good idea in some situations, but it does have its problems as well. Whether or not you should use helmet speakers should be based on how you react to this extra stimuli when trying to focus on the road, as well as your willingness to stay open to what’s going on around you.


On one hand, having speakers that let you listen to music while wearing your helmet can help keep you alert. If you have to ensure you stay focused on the road, the music or talk can keep your mind active. It can also alleviate a lot of the boredom that often makes people drift off behind the wheel (or handlebars, in this case).


But the music and talk can be distracting, too. If you tend to be easily distracted by the radio in a car, speakers in a helmet won’t do you any favors, either. Another issue is speed; if you listen to fast-paced music while out on the open road, you could find yourself speeding more than you want to if the music takes over your focus.

Masking Noise

Using the speakers while riding could mask outside noises. This means you wouldn’t hear things like sirens until the source of the siren was very close. Only get speakers that allow you to hear environmental noises, and then, do not turn the volume up so high that you drown the noises out anyway.

Also, if you turn the volume up to such a loud level, you’re also potentially damaging your hearing. Speakers in a helmet are very close to your ears — the sound waves don’t have far to go before hitting your eardrums and don’t have the ability to fade out much. Getting your hearing tested periodically is a good way to monitor how the speakers and your ears are getting along.

Making Noise

Keep in mind that although the speakers may be inside the helmet, you are not inside a car with closed windows. There is the chance that some of the sound could leak out from your helmet and create a nuisance for people around you. You may want to test various speakers with a friend to see if any sound can be heard outside the helmet.

Helmet speakers can be a good thing if chosen properly. Talk to sellers of motorcycle parts and accessories to see what they have.

Parent Proposal: The Perfect Outfit For Meeting Your Significant Other’s Parents

Meeting one another’s parents is a step that means that you are serious about one another. If you are interested in going the distance with your significant other, getting in good with their parents can be the key to making things work long term. If you are meeting your significant other’s parents and you don’t know much about them, it can be best to go more formal than not. Here is a perfect outfit for any body type to be the girl that the parents will always speak of highly. 

Flats or wedges

Depending on the season, you should wear flats or short wedges to meet your significant other’s parents. These types of shoes pair well with dressy outfits and these make sure that you can walk a long distance without an embarrassing fall or without feeling any pain. If your significant other’s parents invite you to a second location or on a walk, you want to be able to say yes to get to know them a little bit more. Dressy flats or short wedges make walking and lengthening your stay with the parents possible. 

Black tuxedo jacket

Nothing can quite pull together an outfit like a black tuxedo jacket. Your jacket should sit waist length or slightly below. Be sure to have a button or set of buttons on the tuxedo so that you are able to make it more dressy or casual. A tuxedo jacket works on any sort of torso or upper body composition, so you will always look good. If you want to be a little fancy, get a tuxedo jacket that is made in a satin, which you can also pull out for more dressy events once the parents begin to invite you over.  

A plain white top

Most women will have a plain white top already inside of their wardrobe; therefore, this won’t require much looking around. The shirt should be a top that can match well with a dressy casual outfit. Be sure that the top is long enough to be tucked in and has short sleeves or has tank sleeves. This will allow you to wear the shirt alone if you choose to take off your jacket during the course of the meeting. 

Black skinny jeans with a belt 

It is common to wiggle around when you are a little anxious, especially in front of parents. Get the right jeans to do this in by choosing black skinny jeans. These jeans should allow you to bend, sit, move, and walk easily so that this is not another thing that will cause you anxiety. Plain black skinny jeans with a silver or gold belt will bring your whole ensemble together. 

Two Ideas For Reusing Your Old Latin Dancewear

It’s always exciting to purchase new dancewear to replace items that are damaged or out of style. However, it can be challenging figuring out what to do with your old stuff. Here are two ideas for giving your old Latin dancewear a second life.

Turn Into Regular Clothes

Depending on the style of your Latin dancewear and the material the clothes are made from, you can turn them into everyday wear with a little sewing know-how. For instance, a long-sleeved V-neck shirt with vertical ruffles on the front can be turned into a light vest by removing the ruffles and sleeves and adding decorative buttons. Another idea is to let out tight elastic pants so they fit looser and wear them as regular pants.

If your dancewear has a very elaborate design or the fabric isn’t amendable to being upcycled into everyday wear, you can reuse the clothing for Halloween or cosplay costumes. A military-inspired Latin top that crosses over the front of the body and secures at the shoulder can be reused for Star Trek-style ensembles. All you need is a good sewing machine and a little bit of imagination.

Donate to Dance Studios or Theatre Groups

Another thing you can do that may earn you a little bit of good karma and a small tax credit is donate your dancewear to a dance studio or theatre group. These organizations are always in need of costumes for dancers and actors and are more than willing to take your old clothes off your hands. Don’t worry too much about the size and style of the clothes. Many times, people at the studio or theatre group will alter the clothes to fit their needs.

Call around to dance studios and theatre companies in your area to see if they need clothing. If you can’t find anyone in your local area, speak to drama club teachers at local schools about taking your old clothes off your hands. An alternative option is to find organizations online—such as the Traveling Tutus and Legacy of Hope—and mail the clothes to them. Make sure the organization is a registered non-profit so you can deduct the value of the donation from your taxes.

There are many other things you can do with old dancewear including selling the clothes at consignment shops and using the material for crafts. Just take a little time to brainstorm your options. If you are in need of new Latin dancewear, visit a specialty online or offline retailer.

Making Running Fun Again: 3 Features You Should Look For When Buying Leggings

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you should participate in at least 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic activity, like running, every week and perform muscle-strengthening activities at least two times a week. Getting back into the habit of going to the gym to stay healthy can be difficult – especially when it comes time to actually go. If you want to make running fun again, one of the first things you should do is upgrade your wardrobe. Buy cute, fun and comfortable leggings that will make you want to go for a run. Here are 3 things you should look for when buying leggings.

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

Expect to sweat a lot when going for a run. You don’t want your leggings to stick on your skin or feel damp during the run, so you’ll definitely want to pick the right type of fabric. Moisture-wicking fabrics, like nylon, are highly recommended for running, as your sweat will roll right off of the nylon.

In addition, the nylon will keep your legs warm. Depending on the nylon quality, you can even expect the leggings to be able to offer some mild compression properties to further protect your legs and prevent muscle injuries.

Fun, Creative Designs and Patterns

Your leggings should inspire you to run. Get rid of boring, plain designs and go for ones that are more creative and fun. Don’t be scared to try on bold colors or fun patterns. Leggings with floral patterns and tribal prints are especially popular as of late.

If you’re picky about what you wear, look for stores that sell leggings and tops as a set. This way, you’ll look fabulous even when you’re running.

Pockets for Storage Space

When going for a quick run, there’s nothing more annoying than having to carry your keys, phone and other essential items with you. Having to carry everything can really put a damper on your running and can slow you down and prevent you from trying your best.

You’ll find that many leggings nowadays have pockets cleverly hidden in their design. Flat pockets found inside the waistband or outside on the leg are particularly popular. Some leggings even have secure back zipper pockets for carrying change and other small items.

Shop around to buy womens leggings that are not only comfortable, but also practical and fun. By having the right type of attire in your wardrobe, you’ll be inspired to go for a run every time you take a look inside your closet.

Three Good Reasons For Placing Real Wooden Sunglasses In Your Survivalist Kit

If you have an emergency survival kit or you just have a survivalist tote that you stock in case the end of the world arrives, you may want to include real wooden sunglasses in your kit. These shades have frames made from real wood. Some of these sunglasses are colored by the natural wood color found in certain types of trees, like cherry or walnut. You could buy the wooden sunglasses painted, but for a survivalist kit you will want the au naturel versions. Here are three reasons why wooden sunglasses from a company like Woodroze should be part of your survivalist kit.

The Shaded Lenses Double as Solar Heat Deflectors/Brush Igniters

You may never have thought of sunglasses as much more than protective eyewear, but while the sunglasses are busy deflecting heat and light away from your eyes, where do you think those light rays and heat go? Now take those lenses on a survivalist journey, and place them at just the right angle to the sun while focusing down at dry brush. Sure, it may take all day, but when you have a warm fire by sunset, you will be thanking your lucky stars that the shades of your sunglasses doubled as brush igniters.

The Natural Wooden Frames Double as Kindling

Yes, your wooden sunglasses were probably quite pricey. However, in a survivalist situation, heat and hot food take precedence over most everything else. If you have wooden sunglasses and you are stuck in a place devoid of sticks, twigs and dry brush, your wooden sunglass frames double as kindling. Use them as a last resort, and you may be able to keep and wear them a lot longer before you have to use them this way.

Buying, Wearing and Using Your Wooden Shades Could Halt the End the World

Well, that may be a slightly over-dramatic statement, but some of the wooden sunglasses that you can buy are actually made from recycled skateboards and other worn-out, wooden products. If you are trying to prevent the end of the Earth on one hand with green practices and recycling whilst preparing for the end of the world on the other hand, then buying these sunglasses accomplishes both tasks. You are helping to “reuse, reduce and recycle” to save the planet, but your wooden shades may also save you if something else catastrophic, apocalyptic and/or unpreventable occurs (e.g., a nuclear holocaust, major natural disaster, etc.).

Tips For Buying Men’s Dress Shoes

If you need to go to a fancy gathering, an important business meeting, or some other event that would result in you needing to dress nicely, you are going to need to get a pair of fashionable men’s shoes to match the sharpness of the rest of your outfit. However, purchasing men’s dress shoes might feel like foreign territory because you likely have not done it very often. Thankfully, if you purchase a good pair of men’s dress shoes, they will last for years. Here are some tips for doing so.

1. Stay Away From Shiny Leather

Your first step is to make sure that the shoes that you purchase are not made out of shiny leather. Cheaper men’s dress shoes will be made out of this material and are more likely to wrinkle over time. This means that you’re either going to have to stuff your shoes when you’re not wearing them to keep them looking fantastic, or you are going to have to buy a new pair every time you don’t wear them for awhile in order to make sure that you’re not wearing wrinkled shoes. Shoes made out of shiny leather often wrinkle even if they are polished regularly.

Conversely, you could simply stay away from the cheaper, shiny leather and get a duller yet still impressing leather that will hold its shape when it is polished.

2. Stay Moderate With Your Toes

When you are choosing a toe style for your dress shoes, stay moderate. You want the focus to be on your immaculate suit or amazing tie, not your dress shoes. Choose a toe that is not extremely pointed or extremely round. Try to instead choose a boxy toe that will allow your toes to spread out and breathe if you often find yourself uncomfortable when wearing dress shoes for a long period of time.

3. Have Your Shoes Match Your Suit Style

If you are likely to wear a suit that is slim-fit or skinny-fit, you don’t want to choose a pair of dress shoes that are large and boxy. You want to fit something that fits close to the foot so that it matches the suit style. If you wear suits that fit more loosely, then consider purchasing shoes that are larger as well.

By taking the time to purchase shoes that are made out of a good, non-shiny leather, that are not extreme with regards to the toe, and that match the style of your suit, you can guarantee that you are going to look sharp. Talk to your local shoe seller for more information about the latest fashions in shoe styles.

Dealing With Pregnancy And Breast Changes? Get The Bras You’ll Need

Are you expecting a child and your breasts are growing by the day? If this is the case, it’s important to have a supportive bra while your body is going through these changes.  Since you are only going to be pregnant for a set duration of months and your breasts could continue to grow, you want to find supportive, cheap big bras.

You can find cheap bras that are perfect for your pregnancy and post pregnancy breasts that are changing, and bras that are also cute to wear. Here are a few things to consider.

Adjustable Straps

The last thing you want is sore shoulders when you’re trying to adjust to your pregnant stomach and body. Make sure that you purchase a bra that has adjustable straps, so you can loosen the straps as needed, or get tighter support if it’s required. This can also prevent back pain, headaches and soreness.

Expandable Back Hooks

It’s important that you can expand the back strap around the bra so you don’t cut off your circulation and circulation to the baby. There are also other health problems that can occur when your bra is too tight and oxygen can’t pass through the body, like the development of some cancers.

Soft Fabrics

The skin during pregnancy can become incredibly sensitive, especially around the breasts. It may be best to stick with cotton, silk and satin materials, instead of others like lace that can be itchy. You want to be comfortable, especially after the baby comes and your nipples are sore from breast feeding.

Be Prepared

When you are purchasing bras as your breasts are growing throughout gestation, you have to take engorgement and size potential into consideration when the milk will come in. You should buy a bra a size larger to prepare for when this happens, so you’ll have a bra that you can wear after the milk comes in. As you start to wean from breastfeeding you can go back to the smaller bras you wore before.

There are special nursing bras that you can wear when you are breast feeding, but there may be times when you want to wear a normal bra, so it’s best to buy bras in a variety of colors and sizes. Ordering the bras online is easy, and they can be delivered to your door quickly to help you deal with your fluctuating and tender breasts. Talk to a company like Zenbah to learn more.

Tips For Opening A Unique Women’s Boutique

If you are thinking about opening a women’s boutique, considering the best ways to make it unusual and different from other women’s shops in your area is important for getting the most business. While clothing is usually the largest part of the inventory found in a women’s boutique, adding a few other productss will have your customers coming back time and time again.

A Corner Just For Accessories

Planning ahead for your shop is a good idea, especially if you want to add special shopping opportunities. Drawing out a floor plan is a good way to keep in mind those areas you need for providing special products like accessories. Adding a counter for selling items like belts, scarves, hair bands, scrunchies, and socks is a good idea and in many cases, customers will buy more accessories when they are completely separate from garments.

Don’t Forget The Jewelry Counter

A counter for displaying jewelry is a great way to attract the customers visiting your shop to purchase clothing. Jewelry stands work great for catching the eye of interested customers as well. Remember when you are ordering clothing inventory, be sure to choose fashion jewelry to match every garment. In this way, your customers will not have a hard time finding the perfect bracelet or earrings and will be more likely to make a jewelry purchase.

Cosmetics Fit The Bill

Adding a line of cosmetics to your clothing shop is another way to add convenience for your customers, making it easy for them to find everything they need for an evening out in one place.

Going All Out With A Hair Styling Salon

If you could buy your clothing, all the accessories you need for each outfit, the cosmetics you need, and have your hair done in one place, wouldn’t you rather go there instead of visiting several shops for getting the same items and services? Many of your customers would rather have that kind of shopping venue available to them. If you have room and have the funds for adding it, a small hair styling salon would be a great addition and would likely attract many loyal customers.

Opening your own women’s boutique can be exciting and a lot of fun. By offering your customers a balanced shopping experience, you can enjoy it even more as your profits grow greater. For more ideas, visit trendy women’s boutiques such as Velvet Bungalow.

How Custom Shirts Help Boost Your Presence At Your Craft Fair Booth

Making crafts for a living can be a challenge. It takes a lot of effort to get your name out there, whether you have an online boutique, sell your items on consignment at a store, or you do craft fairs to help sell your products. If craft fairs are your ticket to making sales, then you want to make your presence known among the other booth tenders. After all, the more customers you can get to stop by your booth, the more sales and exposure you can have. A simple but highly effective way to make your presence known at your booth is to wear a custom shirt, made in America, that broadcasts your name and what crafts you do for a living. Here are ways that custom shirts help boost your exposure and presence when you do craft fairs.

Customers know who you are

With so many people milling around your booth, it can be difficult for your customers to know if you are the owner of your booth or if you are another customer shopping. A custom shirt that has your name, your company name, and a small list of the crafts you make (candles, embroidery, woodwork, etc) can help your customers tell who you are from the other patrons of your booth. This exposure makes you easy to approach when customers have questions about your items.

Customers can take you seriously

Many people think that people who sell crafts at fairs and flea markets are sharing their wares as a simple hobby. Your custom shirt tells your customers that you are serious about what you do and promote your crafts in a professional manner. Your custom shirt can make your booth (which is likely already displaying your company name as well) appear more like a store that they can privately shop, which can translate your goods from being something you create in your downtime to quality items you take pride in. After all, when you go to a traditional brick and mortar store, the company name is displayed on the front of the building and also on the uniforms of many employees.

You can promote yourself to non-customers

At most craft fairs your exposure is limited to the people who actually stop by your booth. When you are wearing a custom shirt, however, when you take a break to go outside to grab more supplies or go down to the food area to grab a snack, people can see your company name even though you aren’t at your booth. Whether you know it or not, you are a walking, breathing billboard for your company when you wear a custom shirt that explains who you are and what you do. This means people who don’t stop by your booth can still tell their friends or other potential customers about you, even if they don’t personally check out your wares.

There are many ways a custom shirt with quality American-made materials can benefit you at a craft fair. You differentiate yourself from other customers, promote your business in a professional manner, and even let non-customers know about your company. A custom shirt is a great way to help boost your presence at a craft fair in positive ways.

To learn more, visit a website like www.allusaclothing.com