4 Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Plus Size, Discounted Scrubs Online For Women

As a plus-sized woman in the United States, you are not alone. Recent statistics have established that almost two out of three women American women are overweight, and the average woman wears a size 14. Unfortunately, that can make choosing affordable scrubs online challenging, since you may lack the opportunity to try them on before your purchase. The good news is that knowing the right questions to ask will make the process easier.

Do You Have To Adhere To Employer Mandates For Your New Scrubs?

Assuming that your employer does not have requirements as to the materials your scrubs are made of and that they do not provide the scrubs for you to wear, choosing the material that your new scrubs will be made of is a significant decision. In this instance, your job duties, personal preferences and the purpose for wearing them will play a huge role in determining the answer.

Should You Buy 100% Cotton Scrubs?

Scrubs made of 100% cotton are often popular because they are generally softer than their polyester or polyester/cotton blend counterparts. In addition, many wearers have reported that they sweat less in cotton scrubs, which is a particularly important factor for many plus-sized women.

The problem is that scrubs made exclusively of cotton frequently wrinkle more and do not always stretch easily to fit your body type. In addition, cotton will often shrink slightly after being washed and dried. Scrubs made of pure cotton are usually more expensive than scrubs made of other materials.

If you are using the scrubs as pajamas or lounge wear at home, the likelihood of wrinkled scrubs or a snug fit may not matter. If you will be wearing them as your professional uniform, it is a good idea to consider the alternatives.

What About Polyester Scrubs?

As previously mentioned, polyester scrubs have the unfortunate side effect of making some wearers sweat more. If you have sensitive skin, you should also be aware that polyester is known to irritate some wearers. If you plan to iron or dry your scrubs in a dryer, it is important to note that polyester burns quickly, so drying them in a gentle cycle or ironing using the settings for delicate items will be helpful.

The benefits of polyester are plentiful. For example, they wrinkle less, so you may never actually need to iron them, and they dry quickly. They are resistant to stains, so they look better, longer. Polyester is a fabric that stretches well, so if you are a plus-sized woman who would like to hide problem areas, scrubs made of polyester are often more flattering.

Is A Cotton/Polyester Blend The Better Choice?

Cotton/Polyester blends often provide the best attributes of both fabrics. For example, you can expect your new scrubs to be able to stretch well, so they will be comfortable, and the presence of polyester makes your scrubs more affordable than scrubs made exclusively of cotton.

The downside of this type of blend is that the presence of polyester means that your uniform will have less absorbency than scrubs made of pure cotton do. In addition, the use of cotton detracts from the resistance to stains that polyester is known for.