Two Ideas For Reusing Your Old Latin Dancewear

It's always exciting to purchase new dancewear to replace items that are damaged or out of style. However, it can be challenging figuring out what to do with your old stuff. Here are two ideas for giving your old Latin dancewear a second life.

Turn Into Regular Clothes

Depending on the style of your Latin dancewear and the material the clothes are made from, you can turn them into everyday wear with a little sewing know-how. For instance, a long-sleeved V-neck shirt with vertical ruffles on the front can be turned into a light vest by removing the ruffles and sleeves and adding decorative buttons. Another idea is to let out tight elastic pants so they fit looser and wear them as regular pants.

If your dancewear has a very elaborate design or the fabric isn't amendable to being upcycled into everyday wear, you can reuse the clothing for Halloween or cosplay costumes. A military-inspired Latin top that crosses over the front of the body and secures at the shoulder can be reused for Star Trek-style ensembles. All you need is a good sewing machine and a little bit of imagination.

Donate to Dance Studios or Theatre Groups

Another thing you can do that may earn you a little bit of good karma and a small tax credit is donate your dancewear to a dance studio or theatre group. These organizations are always in need of costumes for dancers and actors and are more than willing to take your old clothes off your hands. Don't worry too much about the size and style of the clothes. Many times, people at the studio or theatre group will alter the clothes to fit their needs.

Call around to dance studios and theatre companies in your area to see if they need clothing. If you can't find anyone in your local area, speak to drama club teachers at local schools about taking your old clothes off your hands. An alternative option is to find organizations online—such as the Traveling Tutus and Legacy of Hope—and mail the clothes to them. Make sure the organization is a registered non-profit so you can deduct the value of the donation from your taxes.

There are many other things you can do with old dancewear including selling the clothes at consignment shops and using the material for crafts. Just take a little time to brainstorm your options. If you are in need of new Latin dancewear, visit a specialty online or offline retailer.